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Types of Chemical Peels and Their Safety

Medical Spa in Baltimore, MDAs the body begins to age, many feel that their face shows the most dramatic and unsettling signs of aging, namely fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. While this may be true, in many cases, it is the outer layers of skin that hold the most damage. When these layers of skin are removed, patients are able to appreciate the natural beauty that exists underneath. Chemical peels are an effective method for removing the outer layers and revealing the smooth, youthful, glowing skin beneath the surface. Here is what you need to know about types of chemical peels and their safety:

Light Chemical Peels

Also known as superficial peels, light chemical peels are the mildest. These peels penetrate the upper layers of the skin with a gently exfoliating acid to help create a more vibrant, blemish-free appearance. You can expect your skin to fully recover within four to seven days.

Medium Chemical Peels

A deeper option, medium peels penetrate into the middle layers of skin to target damaged skin cells and revive dull, uneven skin tone. There will likely be some stinging or burning during the application of the peel and the face may experience some slight discoloration for a few days after your procedure. Recovery time can be anywhere from five to seven days, and may include swelling redness, crusts on the skin or brown blotches as the skin heals and is restored.

Deep Chemical Peels

Deep peels are reserved for the most intense or deeply-rooted skin concerns and typically require sedation. During the procedure, the target area is treated in carefully timed segments, so as to protect the face from acid exposure. Recovery from a deep chemical peel is the longest, often including swelling and redness, with the potential for post-procedure burning and throbbing as well. However, post-peel instructions will detail how best to care for your face as the skin heals.

Side Effects Vary

Depending on the type of chemical peel, side effects can include redness, dry skin, swelling, stinging or burning. Chemical peels may also carry more serious risks. However, the details of your specific chemical peel will be discussed during your consultation.

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