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Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Baltimore, MD

Skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma are the most common form of cancer in the US. Treatment of skin cancer on the head and neck region can be challenging due to the sensitive and visible nature of these lesions. Early detection and treatment with surgical excision can limit the extent of surgical reconstruction required to treat these malignancies. The defects after excision of the skin cancer can be expertly closed by Dr. Samuel Hahn of the Maryland Center for Facial Plastic Surgery to minimize and hide the scars. We offer this treatment to patients in the Baltimore, Towson, and Columbia communities.

What is Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

Most skin cancer on the face is removed through a procedure that allows for immediate margin analysis such as Mohs surgery. This technique is frequently used for excision of skin cancer in the head and neck region to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. The defect after removal of the skin cancer can be reconstructed through various techniques to minimize and hide scarring.

What Can I Expect from my Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

Your skin cancer reconstruction treatment will depend on the size and location of your skin cancer. Once the skin cancer is removed, the goal is to close the skin defect while minimizing the visible scarring. This can be performed by placing the incisions in natural facial contours that can camouflage the scar. Additional treatments following the reconstruction can help to further blend the scar in with the surrounding skin. During your consultation, Dr. Hahn will walk you through the best treatments for you and what you can expect from your procedure.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction – Case 1

What Should I Expect After my Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

After your skin cancer reconstruction, you can expect improved skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of scars. Depending on the methods used for treatment, your skin may take up to a few weeks or months to fully recover. You may be able to return to normal activities soon after treatment, depending on the reconstruction techniques used.

How Much Does Skin Cancer Reconstruction Cost?

There are numerous factors that go into the cost of facial reconstruction after skin cancer removal. Skin cancer reconstruction is generally covered by insurance. However, the total treatment cost will depend on the types of treatments used in the repair process. During your consultation, we will provide you with a clear breakdown of costs and explain your payment options.

Dr. Samuel Hahn at the Maryland Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers expert skin cancer reconstruction for men and women in the Baltimore, Towson, and Columbia areas. Contact us today for a free consultation.